• Haley Fritz

Do Therapists Need A Blog? Yes - And Here's Why

Do therapists really need a blog? In 2021, you might be wondering if you still need a blog for your private practice. After all, blogging is so 2019! All jokes aside, though, there's a rumor going around that blogging is "over." But while it's more challenging to break into blogging as a full-time career than it used to be, blogs still play an essential role, as part of your marketing strategy, in bringing clients to your private practice. Here's why:

1. Your blog = your voice.

There are a lot of practical, business-y reasons why you need a blog for your private practice -- but ultimately, none of those reasons matters as much as this one: your blog = your voice. When someone comes to your website for the first time, there are a limited number of opportunities for that person to get to know you. Assuming you have a basic website, there's your homepage, your "About Me" page, your "Services" page, and your "Contact Me" page. Adding a blog to that lineup offers a unique opportunity for your clients to get to know you in your authentic voice, as opposed to the sales-oriented language you (probably) use on other pages of your site.

2. Blogging showcases your expertise.

Getting to know your voice isn't the only part of getting to know you that matters when a prospective client visits your blog for the first time. They're also getting to know you as a professional. When a client clicks on your blog posts, this is your opportunity to not only showcase your personality, but also to showcase your knowledge. Someone who wants you to be their therapist wants to know that you know your sh*t. That being said, it's important to put that knowledge into words your target audience can understand. Avoid getting overly technical with the mental health jargon, and be sure to infuse your personality into your explanations of therapeutic concepts. In short, give your client an idea of what it's like to work with you!

3. Your blog shows up in search results.

Now, let's get into one of those business-y reasons why you should be blogging: your blog shows up in Google search results. Search engine optimization, or SEO, matters when it comes to driving traffic to your blog. In fact, it might be the most crucial piece of your digital marketing strategy. Social media like Instagram is important too, but unlike other platforms, search engines provide a steady stream of automated traffic. And every page on your website -- including every blog post -- is a new opportunity to drive additional traffic to your site. Make a small investment in your SEO, either by learning to write SEO-driven content or paying an expert (like us!) to write it for you, and you'll see a huge return.

4. You can reuse blog content across platforms.

By now, we hope you're starting to get it. But to really drive it home, let's put it plainly: as a therapist, your blog is your most powerful asset! Why, you ask? Your ability to repurpose blog content across multiple platforms. Seriously: write one blog post and you'll have fodder for Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, and your email newsletters for the next two weeks. Whether it's pulling quotes, creating a short video summary, or simply directing people to the link to your blog post, writing content for a blog gives you a consistent stream of content to put everywhere else. That's especially powerful because, when it comes to content, the most important thing is not avoiding repetition: it's being consistent.